The Baratza grinders continue to be the best
bang for your buck.

The Clever Coffee Dripper is appropriately named as it is
easy to use and brews an amazing cup.
We love it ! We use it!

The Bonavita Coffee Maker is certified by the SCAA
because it does everything right.



The story of a great cup of coffee begins with the coffee farmers and their
families, who with incredible skill, patience and passion, produce the highest
quality coffees year after year.

We support these farms and families. We share their passion and bring all our
artisan skills to bear in custom fresh roasting these coffees so that we are able
to offer only the best to our customers.

There are many brewing methods and devices capable of brewing an excellent
cup of coffee. Some examples are pour over, full immersion (French Press),
espresso, Chemex, AeroPress, vacuum pot, automatic drip coffee maker and
the Clever Coffee Dripper. All are capable but each one produces a cup with
its own signature. Each one is different, so experiment and find the ones
you like best.

We carry a selection of items to help you brew a better cup and would be
delighted to discuss these options with you. Better still, visit us at our
roastery and experiment with different brewing methods with us.

Tip For A Better Brew

The coffee

Fresh roasted excellent quality coffee beans are essential (that’s us).

Grind just before you brew
Once coffee is ground, it loses its freshness quickly.

Use a good grinder
A burr grinder is preferable as blade grinders produce too many fine
particles creating bitterness.

Use the proper grind and contact time for the brewing method
Grind size and contact time are directly relatable. The finer grind, the
shorter the required contact. Too fine a grind or too long a contact
time leads to over extraction and bitterness.

Use the proper water-to-coffee ratio.
A good starting point is the dose recommendations for the Clever
Coffee Dripper: 22 grams of coffee plus 12 ounces of water
gives a 10 ounce cup.

Use pure good-tasting water
If your tap water has off tastes or odors, use bottled or treated water

Use the proper brewing water temperature
Target 200 degrees F.

Use clean brewing equipment
It is essential that your brewing equipment is free from old grounds
or stale coffee oils. Clean up after each brew cycle.

Fresh brewed coffee remains fresh only for a short period of time
Buy fresh, Grind fresh and Brew fresh... Drink and enjoy.